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Follow up to the Illinois Military NON-Voting Act…

October 26, 2010

Foxnews has just published a story about the settlement reached between Illinois (you know, the place the One is from) and the Department of Justice (you know the Department that the One is in charge of).

You will be happy, NOT, to know that:

“The Justice Department hammered out the court agreement Friday addressing the failure of 35 Illinois counties to send military and overseas absentee ballots 45 days before the election — a requirement of the MOVE Act. The agreement gave voters from six of those counties a few extra days to send back their ballots but did not specifically address the other 29 counties.”

Apparently, military votes are unimportant to the powers that be. Another quote from the article:

“”It’s just the wrong message to send,” Eversole said.”

The message I get from the actions of the NON-Justice Department is this.  It is OK if you BREAK the LAWS, so long as you break them the way WE want them broken.  The LAWS are only for our opponents to abide.  Justice is NOT blind!!

If this is OK for you, just move along, nothing more to see here.  If this is NOT ok, contact YOUR representatives, NOW.  Do it, if you do not, you have no more reasons to complain about the situation.

Military ballots in Illinois…

October 14, 2010

A continuation from the post yesterday.

Apparently Illinois (the home state of The One), may not count overseas military ballots either.  Read the article by WLS in Chicago.  If you do not want to read the article I have broken out some key points, as follows:

     1.  Illinois was required (by law) to have all of its absentee ballots mailed by September 18,

     2.  It is OCTOBER 14 (that is almost 1 full month from September 18) and the Department of Justice, read Eric Holder, is still “investigating” whether or NOT Illinois has mailed the ballots.

Are you telling me that it takes a MONTH to know if someone has mailed something??  Seriously??  Someone needs to be fired from their JOB!!!  Probably more than one someone.  At a minimum.  We need to have an Independent Investigator look into these situations, because to me it is looking more and more CRIMINAL.  These people are making our election system FAIL.  At best, these people are incompetent and deserve to be fired.  If you tell me they are competent, then the only other explanation is that they are breaking laws at will.  If that is the case I hear that there is an empty prison in Illinois that needs some residents.

Oh, and did you know Illinois is ANOTHER Democrat controlled corrupt state!!  Where Obama got his start.

UPDATE:  It appears that the problem in Illinois is the result of actions by an “active democrat” that has a HISTORY of trying to supress votes.  More from Big Government.

Military Ballots in New York…

October 13, 2010

The Department of Justice, read Eric Holder, has FINALLY brought suit against New York State concerning the BOARD of Elections complete and utter FAILURE to mail ballots to overseas Military personnel and their families.  A little background first:

     1.  The 2009 MOVE act requires that ballots be sent so that 45 days remain from the date sent to the election.

     2.  New York asked for an extension, because their primaries were held 4 days prior to the 45 day deadline.  I understand the difficulty in determining who is on the ballot, printing and mailing ballots in 4 days, so I am not complaining about the extension.

     3.  New York was given until October 1 to mail the ballots.

     4.  The Department of Justice, read Eric Holder, brought suit on OCTOBER 12.

What happened in the ELEVEN days between October 1st and October 12th??? 

Someone needs to serve a FOIA request for all communications inside the White House, the DOJ, and between these entities and anyone else concerning this topic.  Did the DOJ DELAY the lawsuit, so as to make it appear that they are attempting to do their jobs, but making it so that the ballots (or a portion of) will not be able to be counted??  Why was a suit not initiated on October 2nd?? 

Not only does the New York Board of Elections appear incompetent, at best, or malicious/criminal, at worst, but it appears that the DOJ is colluding in the farce.  Are you telling me that the DOJ needed 11 days to get the paperwork in order??  This is part of the same administration that needed LESS than 3 days to read and comprehend a 2,000+ page fiasco called ObamaCare.

Please tell me that someone in the Legislative Branch will be conducting an investigation into whether this is another attempt to STEAL an election!!!

For more information about the situation see Foxnews or the New York Times.

UPDATE: It appears that New York is only one of a FEW states that are having problems with letting our Military personnel overseas to vote.  Foxnews has another article concerning (mainly) New Mexico.  Funny, these states are run by Democrats.