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Paul Ryan, what are YOU saying???

June 20, 2013

Sorry, I did not comment on this yesterday, but I could not find the time.  I will cover it today for two reasons.  1 – I had some respect for Mr. Paul Ryan and I thought that he was an intelligent person, trying to do the right thing and 2 – His statement is so off point that I am doubting #1.

First, what Mr. Ryan said to Laura Ingraham, concerning the Immigration Bills that are circulating Washington D.C. currently:

REP. PAUL RYAN (R-WIS.): Not now, but in the future we’re going to have labor shortages. We have 10,000 people retiring each and everyday in America when the Baby Boomers retire. We are not like Europe, we’re not like Japan in that our birthrates are really low, but they’re not high enough. Immigration, in a decade or so, can help us. That means we need to get an immigration system that works. We need an immigration system that works to bring people to this country who want to contribute. (The Laura Ingraham Show, June 19, 2013) ” – Real Clear Politics 


Let’s start with the first sentence: “Not now, but in the future we’re going to have labor shortages“?? 

Mr. Ryan, you are correct, we do NOT have a labor shortage now, IN FACT, RIGHT NOW WE ARE WOEFULLY UNEMPLOYED/UNDEREMPLOYED!!!  Personally, I do NOT CARE IF we will have labor shortages “in the future”, IF we do not make it to the future, IT WON’T MATTER!!!  I can think of a GAZILLION things that are “going to happen in the future” and attempting to prevent them WILL GENERATE PRODUCTIVE JOBS NOW, UNLIKE THIS FARCE OF AN IMMIGRATION ACT that you are “working on”, which WILL PRODUCE NO NEW PRODUCTIVE JOBS!!!

Right now, we, meaning you Mr. Ryan, need to concentrate on getting us Americans BACK TO PRODUCTIVE WORK!!!  Eliminate RED TAPE, some of which you have introduced.  Eliminate TAXES, so that average people have the means to attempt something new.  Eliminate REGULATIONS, that are not only stifling growth but are actively producing a decline.  Make GOVERNMENT get out of the way.  Reduce the power of government.  Reduce the power of scumbag attorney’s to extort money for frivolous claims.  Reduce the costs of starting a new business.

Now, as for the remainder of the quote:

I used to think that you were pretty analytical and thought about your positions, but you may have missed some things, so I will point them out now.  You say: “We have 10,000 people retiring each and everyday in America when the Baby Boomers retire“.  First, I would like to see the data that supports this assertion.  Here is a chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (which everyone that reads my posts should know that I think the BLS is full of BS, but is as good a “non-partisan” place to start as any), which shows the “baby boomers” CONTINUING TO WORK, as they are the ONLY BENEFICIARIES of the recent “job improvements”.  Basically, Boomers are NOT retiring.

But, just to humor you Mr. Ryan, let’s assume that you are correct and there are 10,000 people retiring per day.  Do you know HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE UNEMPLOYED IN THE USA RIGHT NOW??  For this question let’s go back to the BLS, which I believe UNDERSTATES THE NUMBERS, and NO ONE has claimed that they are wrong to the upside.

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 175,000 in May, and the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 7.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today” – Today being June 7, 2013

That’s interesting, what else do they say:

The civilian labor force rose by 420,000 to 155.7 million in May; however, the labor force participation rate was little changed at 63.4 percent.

Wait, how did the labor force “increase by 420,000” while the employment for the month “increased by 175,000” and yet “the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 7.6%”???  Oops, sorry I got side tracked…back to the numbers and the original question…

The civilian labor force is 155.7 million people strong.  For this calculation, I will assume that it is not growing, even though everyone should know that it IS GROWING.  And the participation rate is 63.4%.  This means that out of 155.7 million possible workers, 98.7 million actually have a job.  This leaves 56.9 UNEMPLOYED POTENTIAL WORKERS, RIGHT NOW in the USA.  Let’s assume that the 10,000 jobs, that you say are vacated by the boomers everyday, are NOT ELIMINATED and are filled by an unemployed person, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE BEFORE those 56.9 million people have a job??  Let’s see, 56.9 million divide by 10,000 equals 5,690 days divide by 365 days (because everyone knows that companies will be hiring on christmas day) equals MORE THAN 15.5 YEARS!!!  IF, we go with the 7.6% unemployment rate, which is verifiably low, that means we have 12 million unemployed people looking for work currently, divide by 10,000, divide by 365 equals MORE THAN 3 YEARS just to employ the people looking for work NOW!!  This does NOT include anyone that graduates from High School or College that will want a job in that time, NOR does it include any LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.  Hey Mr. Ryan, instead of looking for more workers today, why don’t you FIND PRODUCTIVE WORK FOR THE UNEMPLOYED??  And these numbers do NOT include anyone that currently hates their job and is stuck not utilizing their skills and education to the maximum!!!

What else did Mr. Ryan say in this interview:

Ingraham was critical of the Congressional Budget Office’s report saying that the Senate’s bill would reduce the federal deficit by $175 billion in the first ten years, calling it “painful” and saying that it will actually cause wages to decrease over the next several years.

Laura, that’s what we have right now. We have de facto amnesty right now,” Ryan shot back, addressing Ingraham’s concern that the bill will hurt the American middle class by flooding the workplace. “We have people who can cross the border and get a job with no consequences right now.”

“That’s not our fault, that’s y’all’s fault,” Ingraham responded. “That’s the government’s fault.”

That’s why we need a law to fix this,” Ryan said. “We have a broken system.”” – Politico

HUH!!!!????   “That why we need a law to fix this”???  What are YOU saying???

How can you NOT SEE THE PROBLEM, Mr. Ryan??


The problem, Mr. Ryan, is that the administration, and many administrations before, HAVE NOT ENFORCED THE LAWS!!!!


WHY should we, the American public, believe that government will enforce any new laws differently???  IF the “old” laws are no good then abolish them!!  What say you Mr. Ryan??

Secure the border, then we can discuss what to do with the ones that are already here….  I may agree that we can not deport them all, but if they have committed more crimes than just coming to America ILLEGALLY, then they do NOT belong here!!!