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Salaries across the United States…

February 9, 2011

How much does the President of the United States earn??

The president earns a $400,000 annual salary… since 2001″

Can we all agree that the Office of the President of the United States of America is the most difficult, complex and stressful public position in the United States? 

If there is another public position that you think is more difficult, please let me know.  Let’s discuss it. 

I believe that the President is the hardest.  The President gets paid $400,000 per year.

These next stories make me disgusted.

1)  Eight city works have been charged for taking too large a salary near Los Angeles, CA.  The mayor was being paid $800,000.  The others were making slightly less.

2)  A Wayne Township (Indiana) School Superintendent gets a $1,000,000 retirement package.  That is a township!  It is not even classified as a city.

3) Smithsonian secretary Lawrence M. Small earned $915,568 for one year of work, while he took 10 weeks vacation.  It is a museum!!

These are just the few instances that I know about, I am sure there are more.

Can we write a law that states, very simply:  No one working for any public entity (city, state or federal) may receive more compensation than the President of the United States’ annual salary.  If  an organization receives money from any government in the form of funding, no one working for that organization may receive more compensation than the President of the United States’ annual salary.

The second sentence is meant to cover organizations such as Planned Parent hood (received $300,000,000 from the feds, ceo earned $1,000,000).  Also, I may need to add that you if you work for more than one entity, your total compensation from public organizations may not be more than the Presidents.  That is it.  No grey areas.  If you work for the public, you will NOT earn more than the President, whose job is more demanding than yours.

Unintended Consequences…

August 20, 2009

Let’s assume for the moment that President Obama and the current Democrat led circus get their wish and pass the National Health Care fiasco. EVERYONE will be able to go to the doctor and all of the ills will be cured…..for a “reasonable cost”. Whew, everything is perfect now.

Only to get to the “reasonable cost”, the government is setting price controls on Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, etc.  Do you think that these groups will LOBBY the people that make those decisions??  You know, kinda like the Pharmaceutical companies are planning on spending $180 MILLION just for advertising FOR the National Health Care plan currently proposed.  They will try and convince whoever is making the decisions about “reasonable cost” that their “costs” are more “reasonable than another groups “costs”.

Pretty soon, the government is going to “CAP” doctor pay.  Think they can’t??  Ask the banks or wall street firms or car manufacturers or insurance companies that were just told what they could pay someone.  Or just ask the Pay CZAR.  OK, so what if they “CAP” doctors pay?? you say.

I see ALL of the best doctors moving their practice OFFSHORE.  Do you think that these doctors, who have plenty of money, won’t move, to say….Bermuda (or someplace similar), to set up a practice for the people that can afford the best care?  The weather is great, there are no income taxes, costs are much less, and they would not have to deal with the government of the USA!!!!  The rich will STILL go to them for the BEST care and might complain about the cost.  Then again they might not complain.

I will not blame the doctors that discover offshoring.  If any doctor reading this needs help moving, please, send a comment.  I’m sure we can work something out.

Cost of Government Day

August 11, 2009

This year (2009) is the LATEST cost of Government day EVER. It occurs on August 12th.  It beats the previous longest year by 23 days.  That is MORE than 3 weeks, that every American (you know, those of us who work) had to work, to PAY for the Government.

How does that make you feel???

Do not worry, the rest of the year you can work for yourself and your family.  The Government will not be back UNTIL the New Year.

P.S.  This date does NOT include any of the costs of Cap and Trade and it does NOT include any of the costs for National Health Care!!!!