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The Government, Obama and the Unemployment Rate…

May 3, 2012

I hope this continues.  It look like the Media has finally started to see the evidence that I have been pointing out for years.  That is, that the Labor Department and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) are PROPAGANDA DEPARTMENTS!!!  Here is the title of an article from Fox News:

Is the government cooking the books on job numbers?

Finally, people are waking up!!  Here is a great quote from the article:

For 59 of the last 60 weeks, those numbers have been revised higher after the fact.”

Go ahead and read that again.  59 out of 60 weeks the government propagandists have reported a number that is WRONG to the downside, in order to make the economy look better than it truly is!!  That is EVERY WEEK for MORE THAN A YEAR!!!

I used to give an update every week on the reported numbers and the “adjustments” that were being made.  It has been going on for SO LONG that even I got tired of doing it EVERY week!!!  Go back and look at my posts if you need to see this happening, I have supplied plenty of links.

They can say whatever they want about the propaganda, but they cannot dispute the FACTS!!  There are ONLY two possibilities for the WRONG NUMBERS:

     1.  The departments truly have become propaganda departments and partisan politicians are responsible for blatantly lying to the American Public, or

     2.  The “statisticians” that are supplying the numbers are grossly incompetent and incapable of performing their JOB DUTIES!!

There can be NO OTHER explanation!!  Either way, someone needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE!!

Unemployment claims (continued)….

August 25, 2011

Oh look, another Thursday morning, time for another Initial Claims for Unemployment number!!!

This post is a continuation of posts here, here, here and here.

Foxnews and CNBC have their reports.  Relevant quotes follow:

“The prior week’s claims were revised up to 412,000 from the previously reported 408,000.”

“The Labor Department says weekly applications rose 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 417,000, the highest level in five weeks.”

Can you believe it??  The prior weeks numbers were revised UPWARD…………..AGAIN!!!  Nobody took my wager, yet, but I will keep trying.  I will wager that next week, this weeks number of 417,000 will be revised UPWARD!!  Any takers?  I’ll even give odds of 2 to 1.

Following up on last weeks statistics lesson, I have the following quote:

“The four-week moving average of claims, considered a better measure of labor market trends, rose 4,000 to 407,500.”

Unbelievable!!!  The moving average “ROSE”!!!  Oh, wait, that is what I said was going to happen, so, no surprise there.  I will make the following wager, although, the odds are becoming more even.  I will wager that the moving average RISES next week as well.  Any takers?  Next weeks number will need to be below 401,000 in order for the moving average to fall.  This could be a possibility, even though I am willing to wager that it will be greater than 401,000.

Unemployment claims (updated)….

August 4, 2011

Last week I posted a wager.  I said:

“I will make a wager with anyone that NEXT week the 398,000 number is REVISED UPWARD above 400,000.”

Unfortunately (for me) no one took the wager.

This week the number was *surprise, surprise, surprise* revised upward to 401,000.  This weeks number was 400,000.  Does anyone want to take my next wager?  I will wager that this 400,000 number is revised UPWARD next week.

By the way, these revisions may be more accurate than the atomic clock in keeping time!!

Unemployment Claims…

July 28, 2011

Today we have some “good” (?) economic “news”. 

After 15 weeks of having Initial Claims for Unemployment being ABOVE 400,000 we have finally(?) broken the 400,000 level.  Last week there were ONLY 398,000 Initial Claims for Unemployment.  Or have we?? 

I will make a wager with anyone that NEXT week the 398,000 number is REVISED UPWARD above 400,000.  Any takers??  I have been unable to find the number of consecutive weeks that the initial claims number has been revised upward, if anyone has this please leave a comment.  I will update this post next week.

By the way, Wall Street loved this number and rallied immediately.  Talk about market manipulation.  I doubt we see any prosecutions.  For when the major players manipulate the markets with the Fed’s blessing, it is OK.