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April 20, 2009

Today, I have a few questions for you.  I would like you to seriously consider your answers, and be able to defend them.

           1.  Do you BELIEVE that waterboarding is TORTURE and should not be used against TERRORISTS?? 

Here is an aticle from the NY Times that describes the process that has been banned by President Obama.  There have been a number of CIA Directors, from both sides (Democrat and Republican), that have stated that these techniques worked and actionable intelligence was obtained, after all other processes were exploited. 

Also, I am ONLY asking if these techniques should be used on TERRORISTS, not foreign fighters.  Foreign fighters can be IDENTIFIED on the battlefield and would be subject to the Geneva Convention rules.  Terrorists do NOT wear a uniform and “hide” among INNOCENT civilians.

           2.  Do you believe that the recent rescue of  Captain Phillips, was right and the Navy Snipers were heroes??

Here is an article from CNN.  This action was AUTHORIZED by President Obama on TWO different occasions.  In this “situation”, President Obama GAVE the order to KILL three “pirates”, who were trying to provide for their families.  He gave this order to KILL three individuals, in order to save one AMERICAN captain.

In my OPINION, I believe that WATERBOARDING should be allowed IN EXTREME conditions.  The recent report states that America has only used these techniques on five individuals in the eight years that we have been at WAR against terrorism.  That sounds to me like the Government was DOING it’s JOB.  As a side note, America subjects MANY of it’s Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to waterboarding, to show them waht COULD happen to them if they are captured by the ENEMY.  In other words, the ENEMIES of the United States WILL use these techniques, and worse.

Second, I believe that the Navy Snipers ARE heroes and they have just shown how highly trained they are.  America’s enemies SHOULD be afraid.  I believe that President Obama DID the right thing in this situation.

Back to my questions, Obama feels that waterboarding should be against the rules, while at the same time, Obama feels that it is OK to kill individuals without warning.  HUH???  Does ANYONE else see a problem with these positions??

In summary, according to President Obama, it is OK to kill someone to save one American life, but it is NOT OK to make a terrorist uncomfortable if it could save MANY lives.


What do YOU think?