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Social Security???

May 12, 2011

Is Social Security going to be available when YOU retire??  That is ONE question that every American should be asking.  Another is, Will I get out of Social Security ALL of the money that I have donated, plus interest?  Is Social security solvent?

To be honest, I do NOT know the answers to the previous questions, but I have my doubts.  The doubts are what make me and MANY Americans nervous and angry. 

Another issue that I see with Social Security, as it is administered today, is that it is subject to the WHIMS of politicians attempting to buy reelection.  Or subject to politicians making cuts, as in NO COLA (Cost of Living Adjustments) for the past two years.  Does ANYONE believe that the cost of living, for people that rely on Social Security, has NOT gone up for the past two years??  When the cost of gasoline has increased more than 100%, or prescription drugs (or insurance to cover prescription drugs) have had drastic increases, or the cost of food is at the highest it has been EVER?

I have always offered to give up EVERYTHING that I have paid into Social Security, IF I could then invest my employers portion and my own portion into an account that BELONGS to ME!!  I think that EVERYONE needs to read this article from Forbes, that details the experience of three Texas Counties that opted OUT of Social Security. 

There ARE solutions to fix the fiscal problems/disasters that we face!!  Our representatives need to look at ideas that HAVE worked!!

Call your representatives!!  They will only ACT if they hear you!!