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Higher Education, Student Loans and Costs…

October 26, 2011

The One, President Obama, is attempting to help college students/graduates.  He is proposing that the government give new loans to students/graduates that will have a smaller monthly repayment and after 20 years what ever is left will be forgiven.  Just so EVERYONE understands, when the loan is “forgiven”, that means that the Government, and by extension, US, will not be paid back in full.  That means that WE will be GIVING money to the people who cannot pay back the loans in full.  That is money from US, the American Taxpayer, that is just GIVEN away!!!

Here is an article on CNBC and one on the Daily Caller.

I have rhetorical question (ooooohhh look I used a BIG word, must have went to college).  Since the socialist/leftist/marxist/communist/dirt bags already pretty much control what is taught at Institutions of Higher Learning, AND they have demonstrated their ideas to CONTROL THE COSTS of Healthcare (so that those EVIL insurance companies cannot earn so much in GREEDY profits, why doesn’t President Obama propose to CAP TUITION RATES???  Lets say tuition should be AT MOST $10,000/year at ALL public Universities/Colleges/Schools.  This includes any Institution that receives ANY government money in the form of student loans, grants, loans, research, etc.  I mean that is still LESS than what WE spend on pre-college (lack of) “education“!!!

What say you Mr. President???  I might support a CAP on tuition…..