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Are people OVERPAID??

June 9, 2011

Previously, I have written about certain salaries in the United States.  For another example, let’s visit New York, and from the New York Post.

“The Syosset Central School District, which serves an enclave of gated communities, ritzy eateries and children’s boutiques…”

The Superintendent earns…?

“The school superintendent, Carole Hankin — who oversees 6,687 kids in 10 schools — is the highest-paid in the state with $506,322 in total compensation. She collects a $386,868 salary, $67,454 in fringe benefits and $52,000 in retirement funds and expenses including use of a “late model car,” plus gas.”

That $386,868 salary is less than $14,000 less than the President of the United States!!  You know, that guy responsible for 300 Million American’s safety, the economy, Government Motors, the unions, the social organizers, EVERYONE”S health care, etc.  Mrs. Hankin is only responsible for LESS than 7,000 kids!

But wait, that’s not all…If you buy right now…you will also get..

$382,382: Jeffrey Streitman, deputy superintendent
$238,221: Joseph LaMelza, assistant superintendent
$145,114: Dean Strohmayer, gym teacher
$129,818: Jeffrey Rozran, English teacher”

$145,114!!  For a GYM teacher!!  Are you kidding me??

This is the CRAP that has to STOP!!