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Monday afternoon stupidity…

April 15, 2013

I would have said humor, BUT there is absolutely nothing funny about the BOMBS at the Boston Marathon.

But, then we get this stupidity from Wolf Blitzer, a “reporter” from CNN…

Wolf Blitzer speculates on a potential link between Boston Marathon explosions, Patriots Day” – The Daily Caller

“One intriguing notion, one intriguing thought here, and I’m curious, Mike, and I’ll ask Matt to weigh in as well,” Blitzer said. “It is a state holiday, in addition to the Boston Marathon. It is a state holiday in Massachusetts today called Patriots Day, and who knows if that has anything at all to deal — to do with these, these twin explosions.”

Because EVERYONE know that “patriots” do this kid of thing!!???  Don’t they?? /sarc off

What a complete MORON!!!

Hey Wolf, did you know that today is also TAX DAY???  You know, the most visible day of the Gubmint sticking it to us middle class AMERICANS??  Just sayin’…

The Tax Day TEA Party

March 30, 2009

On April 15, 2009 there will be a “TEA” party in every state of the union. These parties will represent the voice of the American People and their discontent over the current state of government. In my opinion, this is a non-partisan event. I do not care if you are Republican or Democrat, if you have been in government for the past 16 years (at least), with very few exceptions, YOU are the PROBLEM.  Both parties have spent the USA to the brink of collapse.  We need to have responsible leaders, and we will use this blog to expose the UN-responsible hacks.

For instance, every American should protest Cape Coral, Florida NOT ALLOWING people to protest.

The following are links to other TEA Party information:

Tax Day Tea Party has a great list of your local parties:

American Solutions is another organizing link: