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THE IRS Scandal!!!!

May 15, 2013

Unless you have been living under a rock, and even then it might be impossible, you have heard about the IRS, that is the Internal Revenue Service, the “Tax man”, TARGETING conservative groups for harrassment.  You might not have heard the Obama Administration, and the President himself, have tried to minimize the scandal.  You know it is BAD when one of the Presidents own perpetual defenders, Jon Stewart, is making jokes about the situation:

Stewart Destroys Obama Over IRS Scandal, Lack Of ‘Managerial Competence’: You’ve Vindicated Conspiracy Theorists

So all of this has been happening since AT LEAST 2011, they had meetings in 2012 and news finally leaked out in the middle of 2013…

2 YEARS!!!!  This has been going on for AT LEAST 2 YEARS!!!

Are you kidding me??  This government is not only CORRUPT, it is INCOMPETENT!!!  And you want me to believe that “they” will be able to run OBAMACARE???  Seriously??

Also, I do not want anyone to forget who was in charge if the IRS during this time.

Do you know who that was ??

Does anyone remember Timmy “Turbo Tax” Geithner.

I have posts here, and here.

Timmy belongs in JAIL!!!!

Van Jones finally agrees with the Tea Party!!!

September 28, 2010

In a September 2010 interview with Think Progress, Van Jones FINALLY states the EXACT same reasons I used, when I voiced opposition to National Healthcare. 

Here is my post from August 2009, where I ask the question,  “If the National Health Care system gets enacted, are you going to like the National Health Care system when Republicans get to make the decisions about coverage???”

And Van Jones, in the interview states:

“JONES: If you think things are bad now, what will happen when the people are screaming and yelling at these Tea Party events are actually in charge of your government, and in charge of your life, and in charge of your kids’ future? That is, maybe you have some hope fatigue, but you got a lot of reason to be fearful enough I think to stay involved and to get involved. I don’t think you want the Tea Party running your community, running your family, running your government.”

Hey, Van Jones, if you replace the Tea Party, in your statement above, with the word Democrat, you would have echoed my thoughts.

THANK YOU Mr. Van Jones!!  I hope that every American thinks about our question.  That should be the SECOND question that everyone should always ask, when considering a new law.  The FIRST question should ALWAYS be, “Is this law CONSTITUTIONAL?”  I understand that Van Jones does NOT want the “Tea Party” running the government, but as I stated in my earlier post, there is NO way that the Democrats were going to stay in power forever, just as there is NO way that the conservatives will stay in power forever, either. 

Are YOU going to still want the same laws, when the side YOU do NOT agree with, is in charge of those laws? 

I just want to mention another “regulation” that the Obama Administration is trying to enact.  Net Neutrality.  Not only do I think that it FAILS the FIRST question, but I think both sides (remember BIPARTISANSHIP) can agree that they will NOT like this “regulation” when the other side gets to enforce it!!!

Perhaps, Van Jones should consider the unintended consequences of enacting his dream!!!

Tim Geithner vs. the Tea Party

April 19, 2010

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said in an interview Sunday, when asked about the Tea Party protests, that the Obama administration is paying more attention to the deficit than the Bush administration did.

I almost fell off my chair laughing at this comment.  Then I went looking for the transcript of the quote, you know, to make sure that someone said something.  I found an interview with “Meet the Press” and I could not find the comment.  I still want to be fair to “I didn’t have to pay my taxes till I wanted to work for the government” Timothy “I am not smart enough to figure out Turbo Tax” Geithner.

If anyone knows where this was said, please, let me know, so that I can reference it.

“Permit” needed to protest?

April 15, 2009

I wonder what the Founding Fathers would have thought about the requirement to obtain a “permit” (from the government) in order to protest (the government)?
Wait a minute…..Did they HAVE a “permit”? Are you trying to tell me that they would have called off the Boston Tea Party if they had known they were not following the RULES.

Speaking of “permits”, I wonder how much the “permit” (read tax, imposed by the government) COST??

Read “How much do YOU pay in taxes?” for more “taxes” from our government.

The Tax Day TEA Party

March 30, 2009

On April 15, 2009 there will be a “TEA” party in every state of the union. These parties will represent the voice of the American People and their discontent over the current state of government. In my opinion, this is a non-partisan event. I do not care if you are Republican or Democrat, if you have been in government for the past 16 years (at least), with very few exceptions, YOU are the PROBLEM.  Both parties have spent the USA to the brink of collapse.  We need to have responsible leaders, and we will use this blog to expose the UN-responsible hacks.

For instance, every American should protest Cape Coral, Florida NOT ALLOWING people to protest.

The following are links to other TEA Party information:

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