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Timmy “I can’t do my own taxes correctly” Geithner and the Treasury Department…

June 21, 2013

WHY???  Why does ANYONE find it hard to believe, that when you put a lying tax CHEAT in charge of the Treasury Department which is in charge of ENFORCING the nations TAX LAWS, that that agency would be UNABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR ITS EXPENDITURES???

I just think this article is HILARIOUS!!!

Treasury still stonewalling on cost of swanky IRS gatherings” – The Daily Caller

Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn asked then-Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner in April 2012 for an accounting of all expenses for all conferences by all branches of the Treasury Department last year. In response, a Treasury assistant secretary provided Coburn with a spreadsheet showing a total of about $500,000 in conference costs.

This is $48.5 million short of the costs for IRS conferences alone that were revealed in a report released in May by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

This time Timmy “Turbotax is too hard” was only off by $48.5 MILLION!!!


And who expects anything less???