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The Buffett Rule….

September 19, 2011

The “Buffett Rule“!!!

This is what The One is basing his new American Jobs Act on???  Seriously???

HE needs more money so that HE can spend it on what HE wants to spend it on.  HE is saying that the economy is NOT bad because we, the United States of America, have spent more than we have earned for DECADES.  NOOOOOOO!!!  It is because we have not spent enough.


First of all, we are BROKE!!!!  WE do not have enough money to fund all of the promises that have been made in the last half century!!  It does not matter if we collect all of the “millionaires” money.  There is STILL not enough!!  Even if we collected ALL of the “1/4 millionaires” (that is people that earn more $250,000) money, it would NOT cover the bills due!!!  I am not talking about raising “their” taxes a little either.  I am saying, IF “their” tax rate was 100% (on earnings more than $250,000), we still would NOT have enough money to fund the promises made!!  Think about that.  And this assumes that those people would continue to work hard, even though they would not be paid once they reach $250,000.  Who thinks that would happen??

Second, IF Obama, and by default Warren Buffett, wants to make a “Buffet Rule”, then here is my suggestion:

     1.  Start with Warren Buffett.  Confiscate EVERYTHING that the BILLIONAIRE has earned, or donated, above $1,000,000,000 (One Billion Dollars)!!!  He should be able to live comfortably on a cool Billion.  Correct?

     2.  Next continue with every Multi-Billionaire, until you are finished!!!  This should not take long, I think there between 400 and 500.  I’ll bet Forbes even knows their names, so the Government would not even need to hire many people to complete the job.  (I know, I know, I am giving “government workers” the benefit of the doubt)

When they finish, use the money to REDUCE the debt!!!  NOTHING ELSE.  Any questions??