Tax Calculations

First, we are NOT accountants, this is our attempt to simplify the numbers so that everyone can discuss the issues from the same, correct starting point.  We are dumbing down the calculation, because we are not sure that ANYONE understands the entire American Tax Code, that exceeds 60,000 pages.  (Just for reference, and comparison, the Encyclopedia Britannica is 32,640 pages)  The following is a breakdown of the taxes that we used to calculate the amount of taxes paid in each state.  The assumptions that we made include:

Tax Chart

At this time we have not included additional taxes on automobiles, utility services (Gas, Electric, Telephone, Water and Sewer).

We can also argue if we should include the employer portion of Social Security and Medicare which would add 7.65% to everyones tax bill, or if we can break this tax out of each employers cost of doing business that gets PASSED on to customers in the price of products.  Either way it is an INCREASE in the taxes paid by the individual.

We welcome any constructive input in our calculations.  Hopefully, we can get these rates as close as possible to reality, so that each working American can know how much they pay to the government.

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  1. How much do YOU pay in taxes?? « the 21st Century Tea Party Says:

    […] Here is a chart that we have compiled that gives a rough estimation for the amount of taxes that people pay per state.  We have done two cases, the first is a person with a $30,000 Adjusted Gross Income, and the second is a person with a $100,000 adjusted Gross Income.  For a more detailed breakdown of our calculations and where we arrived at the rates click here. […]

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